Dutch Championships 2019

3 representatives of Tri Talent Team took part in the Dutch Triathlon Championships 2019 in Klazienaveen. Why The Netherlands? It is the second homeland of the Horsten brothers and they wanted to verify their possibilities.

At 14:45 juniors (16-19 years) started their competition at a distance of 750 m swimming, 23 km cycling and 5 km running. 39 boys competed in this category.

Swimming took place in a channel, so the audience could follow the young athletes along the shore through the whole distance. After swimming, they had to run about 0.5 km to the transition zone.

Dorian left the water as 12th, Bastian as 24th. When the first group started the second lap on the bike, followed by the second and … the third (where Bastian was in), and Dorian had not been spotted yet, it was clear that something had happened on the track…

It turned out that Dorian had a flat tyre and had to give up the race.

This is how Dorian comments on the race: “The beginning was tough. The channel was crowded and it felt like a whirling washing machine. I left for cycling in a group of 4. Already at the beginning of the cycling parcour I heard a suspicious sound, like leaking air, but the tire seemed fine, so I kept going. Along with my group, we were slowly catching up with other guys. Unfortunately, after about 4 km I felt that something was really wrong. The tire was totally flat. There was no service point on the route, where I could quickly change the tire, so I had to stop. It is a pity, because my group reached the top and it could have been an exciting competition for the podium during the run. “

Bastian was still going on, finished cycling on the 27th position, and reached the finish on 25th, with time 1:09:44.

“I think I could have done a little better with swimming. I am glad that I could join a group with cycling, which definitely helped to catch my breath from time to time. I managed to overtake a few people on the run. All in all, I’m happy with the result”, comments Bastian.

At 16:15, the youth (10-15 years) started the competition at a distance of 375 m swimming, 10 km cycling and 2,5 km running. 22 boys took part in this category.


Tymon, as one of three participants, decided to start without a wet suit, to save time in the transition zone. He left the water as 14th, finished cycling as 11th, but lost a lot of time in the transition zone, which he left on the 14th position. He passed the finish line as 14th with the time 00:40:17.

“I’m quite happy with my race. Only in the second transition zone I lost too much time. I had a problem with putting on my shoes  … It’s a pity, because it cost me at least 3 positions”– Tymon sums up his race.


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