Dutch Triathlon Championships sprint distance 2018

Last Saturday, Bastian and Dorian participated at the Dutch Triathlon Championships sprint distance. The event was held at the Willem Alexander Baan (an artificial rowing lake) close to rotterdam. Bastians’ race was first on the schedule, so at 12:20 he was in the water ready for the 350 m swim, 10 km bike ride and 2,5 km run. The gun went off and roughly 5 min later the first participants came out of the water with Bastian in 9th position. Unfortunately he couldn’t maintain his position on the bike and came 16th into T2. On the run he got passed by one athlete and finished 17th out of 27. The race was a good lesson for him (it was his first triathlon ever) and he nows that he has to concentrate more on cycling next season.

Dorians’ race was about 1,5 hours later and at 14:00 the gun went for the 37 man participating at the 750 m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run event. After 9:17 min he came out of the water at around 16th position. Out on the bike he waited for two riders not far behind and after they caught up the only thing that mattered was staying with the group. Even though the course was really flat, the strong wind made for a hard bike leg. On the 4th lap he jumped away from the group and went into T2 with a small lead at 13th position. Unfortunately after not having ran for 1 month because of an injury it didn’t go as well as normally. In the end he finished 20th.

The race was perfectly organized and the location was very good. The spectators could stay in one place and sea all the three disciplines.


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